Know more about Tri-M Windows and Doors

Who are we?

Tri-M Windows and Doors is located in Winnipeg, Manitoba. We are known for home upgradation & remodeling and for offering top quality window/door services; we have experience over 20 years in this field, in addition to this we have a thriving list of satisfied customers with their warm reviews which showcases our long-earned trust & goodwill.

How do we benefit you?

We offer an extensive collection of windows and doors which are designed with Winnipeg’s ever changing/fluctuating weather in mind thus making sure your home temperature remains stable despite the weather outside. This also means providing you with better security and helping you keep a check on your energy bills.

Your energy bills are saved as our windows and doors are custom built to keep your home warm during winter and cool during summer. Our team consists of certified, skilled and highly experienced installers and staff who can offer you expertise in choosing the right windows & doors that suit your home aesthetics and style.

  • We provide a hassle-free experience to our customers and finish our work within the agreed minimal time.
  • We are reliable and we stand behind the warranty of our products.
  • We offer custom made windows and doors to suit your home’s structure and to enhance its beauty.
  • Our professional installers can guarantee exceptional fit and quality finish.
  • We come as a full package from replacing your old doors & windows with installation of new and disposing of old to providing you with the post installation services.
  • We offer transparent pricing with no hidden charges, allowing you to make rational decisions.


Contact us here to know more or to schedule a meet or to order customized windows/doors.